MAC's History

History of the Organization

In 2007-08 Kim Young, then an educator on loan to MDE and Ed Roeber, then director of MDE Office of Assessment and Accountability, convened a series of meetings for educators interested in balanced assessment practices – the group of 50-100 was called the Balanced Assessment Leadership Group. Ed Roeber wrote a prospectus explaining potential projects a statewide consortium could undertake.

Kathy Dewsbury-White, then Director of Curriculum for Ingham ISD, Kim Young and Ed Roeber invited anyone interested from BALG to help conceptualize a new statewide assessment consortium. At a retreat in Walhalla, MI – the Michigan Assessment Consortium – or the MAC for short, was founded (September 2008). The group adopted a Constitution and Bylaws a year later (2009) and functioned as an unincorporated directorship organization for four years.

May 2012 the consortium became a not-for-profit corporation. The mission, vision and beliefs remain the same -- to improve student learning and achievement through a system of coherent curriculum, balanced assessment and effective instruction, by

  • Promoting assessment knowledge and practice 
  • Providing professional development and
  • Producing and sharing assessment tools and products

The consortium places a premium on accomplishing the work through collaboration. The current board consists of members whose organizations provide their expertise in-kind. Several organizations support the work of the MAC through in-kind services – MASCD, MAISA, MDE and many individual ISDs/RESAs. The president of the MAC Board, Kathy Dewsbury-White, was appointed to serve as the CEO of the new not-for-profit corporation, MAC, Inc.