Assessment Literacy Standards

To increase Assessment “Literacy,” the Michigan Assessment Consortium (MAC) spearheaded the development of "Assessment Literacy Standards."

Assessment Literacy Standards Glossary

An assessment literate individual is one who understands how student assessment can enable them to better carry out their role in education, believes that assessment can improve teaching and learning, and puts activities and behaviors into place to act on these beliefs.

Educators in Michigan and national experts created the draft standards. The MAC’s overall goal is to provide a common framework and understanding to assist K-12 educators, students, parents, and policymakers in becoming more knowledgeable about assessment purposes and effective uses.

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      1. Students
      2. Teachers
      3. Building Administrators
      4. District Administrators
      5 Policymakers


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The MAC has produced documents that demonstrate how the Assessment Literacy Standards support and connect to the Michigan Frameworks.  See these documents below:

Reference Documents Used for MAC Assessment Literacy Standards

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Addressing Assessment Literacy Standards in Michigan and the Nation, March 2015